Administrative Appeals

We handle filing or defending appeals of decisions by administrative tribunals, such as the Florida Division of Administrative Hearings (DOAH), rulings by administrative law judges (ALJs) or other state or local administrative agencies. Examples of Administrative Appeals we handle are:

  • Professional and Occupational Licensing and Discipline cases.
  • Bid Protests and Procurement Disputes.
  • Appeals from 120.57 hearings.
  • Public employee discipline cases.
  • Teacher discipline cases.
  • Proposed rule challenges.
  • Challenges to unpromulgated rules.
  • Denial of permits or Zoning.
  • Ethics cases.
  • Workers’ Compensation cases.
  • School Board cases.
  • Florida Commission on Human Relations Cases (FCHR).
  • Public Employee Relations Commission (PERC).
  • Florida Elections Commission Cases.
  • Teacher Termination or Suspension cases.
  • University Discipline and suspension cases.

These are just examples, but if your type of appeal is not listed, please contact us and we will discuss if we can handle.

  • We do not handle unemployment or reemployment appeals.

Also, do not forget that many winnable cases are lost before an appeal is ever filed, because the legal arguments needed to win were not preserved below, and we can help with the preparing the record for appeal at the administrative tribunal level.

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